My First ColourPop Purchase!

Hey everyone and welcome back to my page! I cannot tell you how beyond excited I am to share this experience with you guys! If you watch makeup videos on YouTube you have probably heard of this company and makeup artists or beauty gurus who are affiliates with the company. Two in particular, Jaclyn Hill & KathleenLights are the ones who turned me onto this brand. And I am SO thankful.

First of all, the packaging… How cute is that? They even hand write you a little letter with a cute “pick-up line-esque” phrase on it. Mine read: Emily, we’re bananas for you, lets never split! Not to mention little cards that go with each type of item you purchased.


I just wanted to show you guys the few things I got to try out, and let you guys know that when you sign up for the website you get $5 off of your purchase, and just so you know, the products are already cheap at drugstore prices. And what I can tell from so far, they are all have incredible formulas! Check them out, but for now, lets get started!

The reason I went on the website, the Lippie Stix:


“Lumiere”: (on top) is a pinky-mauve-nude shade that is perfect for an everyday look as well as an evening out. Price: $5

“Frenchie”: (on bottom) is a true fire engine red that is bright, bold and ready for summer time. Price: $5


The things that caught my eye while I was on the website, the super shock cheek!


“Trickery”: (on the left) is a blush that is fun and true coral shade. Price: $8

“Lunch Money”: (on the right) is a gorgeous white gold highlight that adds the perfect sheen to the cheeks for light to medium skin tones. Price: $8

Thank you so much for checking this post out! And please let me know if you would like a review of this products or even a makeup look using some of them together! As always I will link everything you need below! And don’t forget to comment!

XOXO, Diva Em

Products Mentioned:

Super Shock Cheek: Trickery

Super Shock Cheek: Lunch Money

Lippie Stix: Lumiere

Lippie Stix: Frenchie


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