My Thoughts

2016: New Year, New Content

Hey guys! So I have been wanting to come on here and connect with you all. Huge thank you to those who have stayed with me through my absence. I have been thinking about what I want this blog to be in the new year, and what kind of content I want to produce for you guys, and really for myself. I really want to commit myself this year to expanding my blog and the content that is on it. Not only do I want to do new types of posts in the realm of beauty, but I would like to also introduce more of the things that I am passionate about. As a hobby I write down a lot of my thoughts, and often times I create poetry, and I have decided I really want to share those things with you on my page, starting this year! I am passionate about this page being a place where I can create content for you guys that is not only quality but is also content that I love making. So I hope you all take well to this adjustment!

As always, let me know your thoughts below and/or any ideas you have for me or content you would like to see!

xoxo, Em


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